Case Ready Meat

ActiveTech™ Meat Packaging System – the new identity of freshness

The increased concerns over food safety—especially in meats—make it imperative for you to trust only the most reliable meat packaging system. Desiccare’s packaging solutions for case ready meat is a proven technology for the meat packing industry. Our ActiveTech™ Meat Packaging System has demonstrated excellent results in keeping the freshness, moisture and flavors of meat until it reaches your end users. Whether it’s restaurants, delis, supermarkets or individual buyers, you can be sure to supply your customers only the freshest meats.

ActiveTech™ Meat Packaging System was designed to stabilize the appearance and color, minimizes moisture loss and controls microbiological growth on meats, offering longer shelf life. Our meat packaging system utilizes familiar packaging such as foam trays and maintains an attractive appearance by preserving that healthy moist and red appearance of meat. While most solutions activate the entire box of oxygen absorbers wasting the unused lot, our ActiveTech™ Meat Packaging System only activates the oxygen absorbers when it’s inserted inside the case ready meats saving you thousands of dollars.

With our case ready meats solution, you have maximum inventory and distribution control allowing your meat department to optimize their production based on sales volume throughout the day. We, at Desiccare have created a transition with easy of use in mind, saving you unnecessary production cost. No need for cutting the meat, or training employees, you just open the case ready meats, apply the label and display your meats.

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