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Desiccare is committed to help its customers achieve their business goals. Ethylene Eliminator Paks do just that for our partners in the produce industry by slowing down the ripening process for fruits and vegetables, thereby reducing spoilage and increasing profit margins.

Reduces Food Waste and Spoilage Caused by Ethylene Gas

Desiccare’s Ethylene Eliminator Pak eliminates decay, mold, discoloration, wilting, softening, scald, loss of crunch and the many other negative effects caused by ethylene gas. It protects the viability and appearance of post-harvest fruits, vegetables and flowers by removing ethylene gas from the packaged environment, which decelerates the ripening process and reduces loss due to spoilage.

Ethylene is a naturally-occurring hormone produced by fruits and vegetables - essential to their normal growth and development, yet also responsible for ripening. Ethylene gas in the air threatens the life cycle of post-harvest produce and may be regulated using an ethylene-absorbing agent.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Used during post-harvest handling to eliminate decay, mold, discoloration, wilting, softening, scald and loss of crunch of your fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • Used during domestic and international shipments traveling via ocean, truck, rail and air
  • Used during cold storage to preserve freshness Non-toxic, chemically inert, and can be disposed of as normal waste
  • Sachets are wrapped in Tyvek
  • Available in custom-sized, artwork and packaging formats
  • Non-dusting, non-tearing

Sizes Available In Grams:

Available Subtrate:


  • 5 gram
  • 9 gram
  • 28 gram
  • Tyvek
  • 3000 packs per case
  • 1500 packs per case
  • 300 packs per pail

1-2 Week Lead Time

Competitive Pricing

Custom Solution Support

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Desiccare provides competitive pricing for all your active packaging needs. The quality in our production lines provide efficiency by eliminating problems and wastes, reducing cost and ensuring timely delivery of products. The end result is cost savings that is transferred to our customers.

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