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    Oxygen is essential to life for every living thing on our planet, however in certain situations; it can do more harm than good.



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    According to the EPA, every year, approximately 31% (133 billion pounds) of the overall food supply is wasted in the United States. Every company must do a better job in extending the shelf life of their products. By doing so, it will help reduce the amount of food waste and help feed millions of hungry people.

    Extending shelf life will prolong nutrients and vitamins, prevent spoilage and mold growth, maintain the chemical stability and optimize the physical properties. Understanding the most important factors impacting your product shelf life will make it possible to adjust to them in order to extend their life.

    3 main factors that effect shelf life:

    1. Microbial growth – the most dangerous threats to shelf life.

    2. Chemical degradation – browning and oxidation

    3. Physical deterioration – staling for dry products, caking, clumping, toughness and chewiness for moist products

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