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BEWARE of  Mold & Mildew

Keep Your Investments Safe All Winter Long

Boat & Camper Winterizing Kits

Protect your investments by preventing rust, corrosion & odors From Developing During Long Periods Of Storage.

Humidity will not only affect your day, but all moisture build up can also ruin your valuables. SafeNDry absorbs excess moisture and prevents tough odors from forming inside any coverd space. It's ideal for winterizing your boats, RV's cabins and also perfect for your home and storage rooms.

SafeNDry bags are leak proof, they will not collect any moisture inside any container, but instead, SafeNDry absorbs all of the water inside the bag. You won't need to worry about tipping and spilling any liquid, or staining any valuables that your are protecting.

SafeNDry is the safest moisture absorber in the market today! 

What Is Indicating Silica Gel?

  • SafeNDry is an industrial grade dehumidifier. Each 450g bag contains natural ingredients that are safe, non-toxic, and FDA approved. Each bag contains a unique blend of moisture absorbing material that absorbs 158% of its weight in moisture.

How Long Does It Last? 

  • Each bag can last up to 4 months depending on your climate and amount of moisture in confined area


  • Peace of mind knowing you are reducing the risk of mold, mildew, rust, and corrosion form forming
  • Less monitoring - no open containers or liquid spills to worry about. 
  • Absorb moisture through the entire bag, not just an open container lid. This allows you to use 100% of fill material


  • Absorbs 158% of its weight in moisture
  • Each bag protects up to 60 c.u. ft of enclosed spaces.
  • Bags plump up and harden when it's fully absorbed
  • Non toxic and contains natural ingredients
  • Environmentally safe

SafeNDry Winterizing kits are industrial grade dehumidifiers that absorb 158% of its weight in moisture. The highest absorption rate out on the market today.  

Ideal For High Moisture Situations:

  • Winterizing Boats and RV's
  • Garages and Attics
  • Laundry rooms and bathrooms
  • Any storage application


snd_10pack_copy.jpg snd_6pack_copy.jpg snd_4pack_copy.jpg
10 pack box 6 pack box 4 pack box
  • Height:  13.125"
  • Width:  12.25"
  • Depth:  3.75"
  • Case: 1
  • Height:  9.5"
  • Width:  9.0"
  • Depth:  4.0"
  • Case: 12
  • Height:  9.25"
  • Width:  4.37"
  • Depth:  4.0"
  • Case: 12

SafeNDry is the consumer brand of parent company, Desiccare, Inc.