Desiccants & Moisture Absorbers Customized to Your Moisture Problem

Desiccare, Inc. moisture absorber products are consistently ranked among the highest in the moisture absorbing industry. Desiccare’s products have been developed in our laboratory through stringent guidelines, research and development. Leading players from the pharmaceutical, electronics, food safety, transportation, government and other industries rely on Desiccare Inc. for effective moisture control solutions to their moisture control problems.

Desiccare’s desiccants come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and compounds and can be designed to accommodate any application. Our innate ability to customize the delivery method of our moisture absorbers, along with our disciplined quality standards and cutting edge technology has placed Desiccare at the front of the desiccants and moisture absorption industry. Desiccare has also become a preferred service provider for controlled atmospheric packaging, ozone food sanitation and odor control solutions by providing quality products and first class customer service.

Desiccare’s extensive experience in moisture control and moisture absorption along with our team of qualified engineers, allows us to cater to the perse needs of the single customer as well as the massive industrial assignments. Desiccare, Inc. moisture absorber products include: Unit Paks, Cargo Dry Park, Pillow Pak, Continuous Strip Pillow Pak, Humidity Indicating Cards, along with a full line of bulk desiccants made of Clay, silica gel, indicating silica gel, molecular sieve and activated carbon. At Desiccare, we never rest! We strive to develop new and innovative products, and we welcome collaboration with our customers and business partners to create new applications, or new packaging concepts to help our customers meet their challenges; be it moisture absorption, food safety, oxygen absorption, or other specific absorption requirements, Desiccare, Inc. works hard to solve your problem and protect your product.

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